Archimedes and Leonardo


This Museum is my true home: Archimedes home.

My inventions and those of Leonardo that you find on display here, are the result of imposing work, carried out by qualified Florentine craftsmen, who have masterly brought to life and created faithful reconstructions of prototypes that function in every detail and are made entirely of wood. They also have the peculiarity of being interactive, facilitating tactile and sensory exploration, teaching you to “touch” all the details of the working mechanisms correctly.

The multilingual iconographic path will take you back in time, narrating the history of ancient Syracuse up to the period of the Renaissance, when my beloved colleague Leonardo lived. This unique museum is at the service of a wide audience: from pupils of primary and secondary schools, to teachers and students of universities, to admirers of mechanics and kinetics, to historical enthusiasts and, generally to Italian and foreign visitors who appreciate a scientific and cultural event.

The Museum is accessible to the visually impaired as well, with the addition of a reserved tactile path. I truly care about the fact that the Museum is open to everyone and that the machines on display can be a cultural source of inspiration: we scientists have always been passionate about improving the conditions of life.

The Museum is therefore for all ages, and even children between the ages of three and twelve have the opportunity to understand the raw materials that constitute the machines, the basic workings of mechanics, the rudiments of physics and the scientific disciplines that are the basis of my inventions, not to forget the important approach to aerodynamics of which Leonardo da Vinci is the forefather. The manual activities in our workshops, aimed at adults and children, take the form of reconstruction of the models on display, on a reduced scale, and the freedom to draw and sketch what they have seen. This is the only museum recognized throughout Italy dedicated to me, and to the “Genius Leonardo”.

An absolute worldwide cultural novelty: me in conversation with you and with my natural Tuscan heir.

A unique experience that embraces history, science, mechanics and physics.

The productions are curated by the Stabile Theater of Catania.


The Museum is therefore for all ages, with a special section, a sort of creative gym, dedicated to acquaint oneself to the experience of a cultural location and the objects held there. The goal is to make the little ones feel great pleasure in finding answers to their questions and in seeing various ways of stimulating their curiosity. In a nutshell: a museum where you explore with all your senses, including touch.

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Open Daily, from 10:30 to 7:00


Full 7,00 €
Reduced 5,50 €
Disability 74%


Tel: +39 324 9828312  – 10.30 / 7:30


Come on a visit to the Archimedes and Leonardo Museum in Syracuse and discover a new way to learn the history of two great geniuses.

The Museum offers new and diversified options created for an audience ranging from kindergarten to high school.

Customized tours, didactic laboratories and special projects make up a wide range of proposals, in order to provide itineraries specifically designed for each age group.

The interdisciplinary guidance facilitates a rapid and immediate learning, thanks to the interactivity of the machines on display. Schoolchildren as well as visitors are invited to test the functioning of the mechanisms designed by Archimedes and Leonardo directly on the models, observing how the ease of movement is related to a complex series of gears, truly appreciating the genius’s design skills.


Customized tours, according to the requirements and budget of the visitors, with the option of an exclusive expert, and or bilingual guide.  We organize unique and exciting tours, always ensuring the quality of our service. You will travel back in time to discover the inventions of Archimedes and Leonardo among the mechanisms and works of the two greatest geniuses of Humanity. An unforgettable journey, the story of a special relationship, which evokes the life and works of Archimedes in Syracuse during the third century BC, up to the 16th century during the literary, philosophical, artistic, scientific renewal, when master Leonardo lived.


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Serena Maria Rosa Brischetti
Archimedes and Leonardo Museum Tour Manager

Tel: +39 324 9828312